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Mosquito Control

As summer heats up and the rain comes down, your home comes under assault by mosquitoes! Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance any more. The risk of mosquito-borne disease is real. Now you can reclaim your outdoor living areas and help protect your family with AmeriPest's Mosquito Management program.

We mist your yard, trees, shrubs and shady areas once a month. Our product of choice is non-staining and contains no odorous or plant-damaging solvents. Once it dries, it is virtually impossible to tell where it has been sprayed. It leaves no unsightly residues and causes no phytotoxicity.

For those who want an "all green treatment". We can use a product that is all natural. As a matter of fact, it is a combination of rosemary oil, peppermint oil and oil of wintergreen.

How can this combination target insects but not people or pets?
This combination of plant oils has a unique mode of action that targets a key neurotransmitter receptor called octopamine which is found in all invertebrates (i.e. insects), but not in mammals. Octopamine regulates an insect's heart rate, movement and metabolism. Interrupting the function of octopamine results in a total breakdown of the insect's nervous system. For this product we recommend misting twice a month.

We recommend treatments for your outdoor area every month from March to October. This provides extended protection. We also offer a one time liquid misting for that special outdoor event.

We also offer as the exclusive distributor of the Bug Slayer Mosquito System in Brevard County.
A permanent and automatic flying insect misting system.
It is self-contained and automatic system that sprays your back yard, so you can enjoy the beautiful Florida weather year-round and pest-free.

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